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楽曲名 ギター
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5honey This Mirror Isnt Big Enough For The Two Of Us 1譜
All I Want Christmas Is You1譜 1譜
All I Want For Christmas 3譜
All I Want For Christmas Is You26譜 7譜 1譜 1譜 1譜
Astro Zombies28譜 4譜 1譜 1譜 4譜
The Black Parade11譜 5譜 5譜 4譜
Blood19譜 2譜 1譜 4譜
Bury Me Black 2譜
Bury Me In Black21譜 3譜 1譜 4譜
Cancer31譜 16譜 3譜 2譜 4譜
Cancer Acoustic9譜
Cancer Live23譜 1譜 5譜
Cemetary Drive2譜
Cemetary Gates1譜
Cemetery Drive31譜 9譜 2譜 2譜 6譜
Cemtery Drive 2譜
Cubicles16譜 3譜 4譜 3譜
Dead55譜 5譜 8譜 1譜 4譜 14譜
Dead Live13譜 5譜 5譜
Death Before Disco5譜 2譜
Demilition Lovers1譜
Demolition 1譜
Demolition Lovers42譜 14譜 1譜 4譜 24譜
Desert Song50譜 1譜 1譜 9譜
Desinchanted2譜 1譜
Desolation Row13譜 1譜 3譜
Desolaton Row4譜
Disenchanted56譜 9譜 3譜 8譜
Disenchanted Shut Up And Pray9譜 4譜
Disenchted 1譜
Disenhanted 1譜
Do You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison9譜 1譜 1譜
Drowing Lessions 1譜
Drowning 1譜
Drowning Lessions 3譜
Drowning Lesson3譜
Drowning Lessons35譜 20譜 1譜 4譜
Early Sunset Over Monroeville1譜 1譜
Early Sunsets 1譜
Early Sunsets Over Monroeville50譜 9譜 2譜
End53譜 7譜 1譜 1譜 5譜
End Live8譜
Famous Last Word2譜 1譜
Famous Last Words29譜 9譜 4譜 6譜 14譜
Famous Last Words Live 2譜
Ghost Of You69譜 22譜 2譜 1譜 4譜 37譜
The Ghost Of You--awesome Song 1譜
Give Em Hell Kid43譜 22譜 2譜 4譜 18譜
Give Em Hell Kid Live 1譜
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