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楽曲名 ギター
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20 Dollar Nose Bleed14譜 1譜 1譜 1譜
7 Mins In Heaven 2譜
7 Minutes In Heaven11譜 2譜
7 Minutes In Heaven Atavan Halen42譜 11譜 4譜 2譜
9sending Postcards From A Plane Crash Wish You Were Here 1譜
9tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today 2譜
After Life Of The Party25譜 6譜 1譜 2譜
Aint It A Shame 1譜
Alien 1譜
Alpha Dog6譜 2譜 3譜
Alphadog And Omegalomaniac7譜 1譜 3譜
American Suiteheart 1譜
Americas Suitehearts27譜 8譜 1譜 2譜
Americas Suitehearts Acoustic10譜
Angel Spit11譜
Another One Bites The Dust 1譜
Arter Life Of The Party 3譜
Bang The Doldrums22譜 6譜 1譜
Bang The Doldums 1譜
Beat It38譜 16譜 8譜 2譜 6譜
Beat It Live5譜
Calm Before The Storm24譜 9譜 2譜 11譜
Can I Play With Madness 1譜
The Carapal Tunnel Of Love5譜
Carpal Tunnel Of Love39譜 4譜 1譜 1譜 2譜
Catch Me If You Can6譜
Champagne For My Real Friends 2譜
Champagne For My Real Friends And Hellip 1譜
Champagne For My Real Friends Real Pain1譜
Champagne For My Real Friends Real Pain For My Sham Friends27譜 4譜 1譜
Champagne For My Real Friends Real Payne For My Sham Friends 1譜
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago27譜 10譜 4譜 9譜
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago Acoustic4譜 1譜
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago Live5譜
Chichago Is So Two Years Ago 5譜
Coffees For Closers11譜 2譜 1譜 1譜
Dance Dance69譜 42譜 23譜 2譜 7譜 31譜
Dance Dance Live 4譜
Dead On Arrival60譜 16譜 5譜 4譜 9譜
Dead On Arrival Acoustic1譜
Dead On Arrival Live 2譜
Dig 1譜
Disloyal Order Of Royal Buffaloes 1譜
Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes16譜 4譜 1譜 1譜
Dont Matter4譜
Dont You Know Who I Think I Am16譜 13譜 2譜
Dont You Know Who Think I Am7譜
Dont You Think I Know Who I Am 1譜
Drugged Out12譜
Drunken Lullabys 1譜
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