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楽曲名 楽曲名 DL数
The Beatles Let It Be 13140回
Sting Shape Of My Heart 9201回
Led Zeppelin The Rain Song 6802回
Gipsy Kings Inspiration 6701回
Mr Big Burn 6138回
Yes Roundabout 5550回
Ozzy Osbourne Bark At The Moon 5255回
Chick Corea Spain 5250回
Queen Bohemian Rhapsody 4973回
Yngwie Malmsteen Far Beyond The Sun 4960回
Loudness Like Hell 4798回
X Japan Voiceless Screaming 4788回
Andy Mckee Rylynn 4764回
Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal 4710回
The Pillows Funny Bunny 4671回
Kill Bill Battle Without Honor Or Humanity 4665回
Sting Englishman In New York 4582回
Eric Clapton Tears In Heaven Acoustic 4541回
Eric Clapton Signe 4474回
Green Day Basket Case 4461回
Eric Clapton Layla 4438回
Hide Rocket Dive 4407回
X Japan Endless Rain 4328回
The Beatles All My Loving 4262回
X Japan Silent Jealousy 4116回
Queen We Will Rock You 4061回
Green Day Minority 4047回
X Japan Week End 4039回
Kenny Loggins Danger Zone 3980回
Deep Purple Burn 3961回
X Japan Tears 3947回
X Japan Art Of Life 3929回
Loudness Soldier Of Fortune 3916回
John Williams Cavatina 3879回
Toto Childs Anthem 3832回
Jerryc Canon Rock 3738回
X Japan Forever Love 3729回
Gary Moore Sunset 3698回
Stray Cats Rock This Town 3675回
Judas Priest Painkiller 3637回
Mr Big Green Tinted Sixties Mind 3634回
X Japan Blue Blood 3613回
Michael Jackson Heal The World 3585回
X Japan Rusty Nail 3565回
Eric Clapton Hey Hey 3559回
Michael Schenker Group Into The Arena 3484回
Liquid Tension Experiment Acid Rain 3481回
Zz Top World Of Swirl 3480回
The Beatles And I Love Her 3430回
Billy Joel Just The Way You Are 3392回
Eric Clapton Change The World 3317回
X Japan The Last Song 3315回
Green Day American Idiot 3301回
Dick Dale Misirlou 3261回
Loudness Let It Go 3250回
X Japan Say Anything 3247回
Seikima Ii 1999 Secret Object 3233回
Nightwish Walking In The Air 3210回
Luna Sea Jesus 3198回
Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight 3151回
Extreme More Than Words 3146回
Korea Chick Spain 3130回
Ufo Rock Bottom 3114回
X Japan Rose Of Pain 3081回
X Japan Kurenai 2994回
Paul Desmond Take Five 2993回
Michael Schenker Captain Nemo 2992回
Larc En Ciel Drivers High 2987回
The Beatles Real Love 2910回
Metallica Enter Sandman 2884回
The Eagles Desperado 2880回
Daita Handroid 2855回
Sum 41 No Reason 2838回
Toto Hold The Line 2819回
Earth Wind And Fire September 2818回
X Japan Vanishing Love 2813回
Bon Jovi Always 2802回
Mr Big Colorado Bulldog 2794回
The Beatles Across The Universe 2793回
The Rolling Stones Brown Sugar 2778回
Michael Schenker Group Captain Nemo 2778回
Loudness SDI 2761回
Final Fantasy 10 Otherworld 2717回
Luna Sea Gravity 2703回
Hide Pink Spider 2660回
Journey Open Arms 2633回
The Beatles And Your Bird Can Sing 2630回
Astor Piazzola Libertango 2585回
Extreme Midnight Express 2565回
The Beatles Act Naturally 2554回
Dream Theater Change Of Seasons 2532回
Andrew York Sunburst 2528回
Green Day Holiday 2509回
Steve Vai Tender Surrender 2476回
Siam Shade Passion 2473回
The Beatles Please Please Me 2447回
Rainbow Kill The King 2437回
Megadeth Kill The King 2430回
Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue 2401回
Loudness Heavy Chains 2400回